Yeast Free Diet Food Which Should Eat or Avoid

Yeast are called fungi.Yeast have link with fungi family and it is a microorganism which is found in body and many other food items which we eat daily. Yeast free diet is free from high sugar foods which contain yeast include breads which is made from yeast and other baked goods. Food which have sugar should be avoided. Yeast free diet is important for those people who are on yeast diet.

Following are some yeast free diet foods which do not contain yeast.

Fruit: low sugar fruits like avocadoes and tomatoes. Try to avoid sugar fruits. Eat blackberries and raspberries.

Eggs: there is no yeast in eggs and they are good source of protein.

Meat: fish, beef, shellfish or chicken do not have yeast and they will help you to make your body strong.

Vegetables: low starch vegetables like artichokes, leafy greens and pepper and cabbage are Good because they cannot fee yeast in your body like other starchy food such as potatoes.

Peppermint tea: Peppermint tea helps you to fight with the production of yeast in body.

High fibre grains: millet, buckwheat and quinoa have more fibre as compared to other grains. So wheat is best choice for your yeast diet.

Onion and garlic: garlic and onion can fight fungi through their anti fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Probiotic yogurt: live yogurt can make your intestines healthy and flourish good bacteria and keep yeast level low.

Following are some yeast free diet foods which contain yeast and should be avoided.

Dried fruits like apricots and raisins: it can cause problems because the sugar is add in it.

Fruits and vegetables: some fruits and vegetables which have high level of sugar like dates, grapes, pears, bananas, cherries, mango and pineapple

Dairy milk products: dairy food which contain lactose which is another form of sugar and can feed the yeast in your body.  :

Fruit juice: fruit juice should be avoided because it have more sugar which can feed your body with yeast.

Supplements: it is important for you that you should check the label of any supplements because it can contain also sugar.

Nuts: Try to avoid cashews and walnuts because some nuts contain mould than others.

Wholegrain: it should be avoided until your yeast problem do not get under control. Once your problem solve you can eat it again

Honey, chocolates and biscuit: Anything which contain large amount of sugar should be avoided.

Pizza, pastries and bread: Avoid these types of food because wheat based food mostly have yeast. You can eat whole grain bread which is free from yeast.

Processed meats: Avoid salami or hams also have sugar and also yeast.

Cereals: These are high in sugar and can create problems.

Vinegar: it should be avoided like relish, salad dressings, ketchup and mayonnaise. They also contain yeast.

Try to avoid carbohydrates which included lactose, maltose, sucrose, sorbitol, polysaccharides, mannitol and glucose and also avoid maple sugar, date sugar, turbinado sugar and molasses.

By : Natural Health News

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