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This Recipe Will Never Make You Feel Bored Of Black Beans

If you have read about the health benefits of black beans then we do not need to start here again and if you haven’t we still don’t need to start here all over again because here we are going to provide you a recipe that includes boiled brown rice, black beans and some greens. To find out health benefits of black beans follow links at the end of this recipe.

Slowly Cooked Black Beans, Brown Rice & Some Greens

Ideal situation is to slowly cook black beans so that they release starch during the cooking period.

Ingredients Required

  1.     1 pound dried black beans thoroughly rinsed
  2.     8 medium cloves garlic properly peeled and smashed
  3.     1 yellow onion peeled and sliced in half (with enough of the root end intact that the onion doesn’t fall apart)
  4.     1 juicing orange thoroughly rinsed and sliced in half
  5.     Kosher salt

Serving size

8 to 10 people if served as side dish
Ideal if served with brown rice and some greens.

Cooked Black Beans, Brown Rice & Some Greens







  •     Place beans in a large pot
  •     Add water until beans are submerged by 3 to 4 inches
  •     Add the garlic and onion
  •     Squeeze in orange juice
  •     Then add the squeezed orange halves
  •     Cover and place over high heat until water comes to a boil
  •     Uncover pot and reduce heat to a bare simmer
  •     Cook until beans are completely tender and creamy, 1 to 2 hours
  •     Stiroccasionally
  •     Keep adding water if tops of beans get exposed
  •     Remove orange and onion halves
  •     Increase heat to medium and simmer
  •     Now keep stirring frequently until you see a thick, creamy sauce that has started clinging to the beans
  •     Season to taste with salt
  •     Serve over rice or as a side

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