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This Summer Beat The Heat With This Easy, Refreshing Watermelon Smoothie

Beat the mid-year heat with this hydrating watermelon smoothie. It is a brilliant approach to relish the cooling and invigorating taste of watermelon and consolidate it with different ingredients to enhance your general well being. Stuffed with the wow of watermelon, cucumber, coconut water, mint and lemon squeeze, this smoothie will flush out toxins out of your body and help a lot in weight reduction.

Watermelon is a great revitalizing organic product with just about 92% water content. This heavenly and nutritious natural product is stacked with vitamins A and C, dietary fiber, beta-carotene and key rehydrating salts that keep the body hydrated.
Here is the recipe for this refreshing smoothie.

What do you need?

  1.     A watermelon
  2.     A cucumber
  3.     Fresh mint leaves
  4.     Coconut water
  5.     Lemon juice
  6.     Ice cubes
  7.     A knife
  8.     A blender
  9.     Measuring cups and spoons







What next?

  •     Put 2 cups of watermelon chunks into a blender
  •     Add ½ cup of coconut water
  •     Peel and cut ½ cucumber into pieces and add them to the blender
  •     Add 2 tablespoons of fresh mint leaves
  •     Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  •     Blend all the ingredients for about 1 minute
  •     Add some ice cubes and blend again

And it’s ready!

Pour your smoothie into a glass and enjoy while watching your favorite TV show relaxing on the couch!

*Avoid sun exposure in this scorching heat as much as you possibly can!*

By : Natural Health News

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