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Rub Ice Cubes on Your Skin in This Summer Season

Can you believe, just a simple ice cube can put 5 stars in your Skin & Beauty! Yes, this is true and working too. Today, Natural Health News will be telling you benefits of ice cube to get healthy and glowing skin in summer season.

We girls do a lot for our skin health. In order to keep them glowing and younger, we do all the possible things. Many times, it even disturbs our pockets!

What if, there are some easy ice cubes benefits to keep your skin beautiful and healthy forever! Every one of you must be having a refrigerator at home. We will be telling you how to use ice cubes to improve your skin texture and keep it glowing ever after.

Experts also believe that the regular use of ice on skin can keep it healthy and glowing always. Ice becomes very usable plus helpful and loving, during summer season. You can use it full 12 months to improve your skin and beauty.

Clears Acne and Blemishes

Are you suffering from skin acne and blemishes? Fed up of using creams and cleansers! Icing method will work a lot for you. Hold an ice cube on acne and mark prone skin, for a minute. Massage all around the face and after that pat it with soft towel. It is great to clear acne. Repeat this method every night, before going to bed.

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Closes Pores

Simply rubbing ice cubes over your pores helps to reduce the size of the pores and also close them well. If the pores need in attention, they can be clear spotted on your face which makes your skin looks dull and old.

Prevents Wrinkles

Ice cubes are really bliss for our skin; it makes our skin look perfect and look beautiful also. Rubbing ice cubes on your face, lessen the chances of your skin to look old and dull. It prevents the anti-ageing factors and also reduces the risk of fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

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Makeup Primer

As I said before, use of ice cubes before applying makeup is practiced from ancient kinds. Rub few ice cubes on your face and then apply makeup. This will help the makeup to stay well on your face and also last longer.

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Painless Tweezing

Rubbing an ice cube across the eyebrow line makes the region temporarily numb, thus reducing the pain of tweezing eyebrows. Repeat the method after plucking eyebrows as it helps in preventing redness.

Natural Makeup Remover

If you are short time of makeup remover do not panic, ice cubes got solution for the related problem too. Massage them your face which helps to remove makeup slowly but accurately. Ice cubes don’t harm your skin in any way.


If you don’t have any work and are just sitting for few minutes, take some ice cubes and massage them over your skin. It helps to close the pores also and provides an instant glow.
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Tightens your Skin

It is always suitable, to massage your face well with ice cube, before going for any touch-ups or makeup. It tightens your skin surface, giving it a toned and fine look. Rubbing ice on your face also makes it smoother and glossy.

Puffy eyes

Puffed eyes are extremely common these days. In this, you can notice swelling around your eyes and bag just below the eyes. Pollution, stress, Effects of Sleep Deprivation, aging etc can be the biggest factors for this.
Take an ice cube and tie in a muslin cloth. Apply it all around the eyes. It reduces swelling thus also treats puffed eyes.

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Make it Your Natural Makeup

While going in any party, events or several family functions; you possibly use lots of makeup. You may not know, but this heavy makeup harasses your skin and hides your natural beauty.

Here you have got an option! Apply ice on face gives you an instant fresh and glowing look. Massage your face well with ice cube, and then apply simple Moisturizing cream. Notice the result yourself, your cheeks will get highlighted and will give a skin glowing look.
So, you have seen how helpful and useful ice is highlighting your beauty. Hope you like the article, share it to everyone and do share your experiences with us.

Take care and live well…..

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