Lemon Detox Diet A.K.A Master Cleanse Diet

Lemon detox diet is really popular these days and is working wonders for a lot of people. Stanley Burroughs is the creator of this diet and he claims that it heals stomach ulcers. He tested this master cleanse diet plan on a patient who was suffering from stomach ulcers for about 3 years. That patient healed in about 11 days which was remarkable and amazed doctors around the globe. Not just this people who follow a thorough Lemon Detox Diet plan also see remarkable reduction in their weight. It aces the digestion process and makes your metabolism super active.

Lemon detox diet is also known as Master Cleanse Diet. This diet has shown marked improvement in only 10 to 12 days in patients suffering from stomach ulcers and those wanting to lose weight. It is a 10-day detox plan that involves a strict liquid diet of lemon, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. It shouldn’t be carried out for a long period of time in one go. You can keep doing it off and on but its better if you avoid it for a longer period of time in one go.

What really happens when you are on a Lemon Detox Diet is that all the toxins are flushed out of your system and your body will lighter as if all the garbage has been flushed out of a garbage bin. You might experience a light fatigue and possible breakouts while you are on this diet. This is a totally natural response of your body reacting to detoxification. It is highly recommended to take regular showers and frequent face washes so that the toxins that are being excreted through your skin don’t build up there. Use regular detox face masks to pull out all the leftover toxins within your skin.

This is no doubt an amazing Lemon Detox Diet plan and you should follow it every time you feel your body is acting up. Doing it once in a while for about a week will keep your stomach healthy and your body free of toxins.

By : Natural Health News

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