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How Stress Affected My Skin?

I would like to share my story of how stress affected my skin for 5 whole months. I have acne issues and problem skin since I was in my teens but it was never that bad or out of control that I actually start thinking of killing myself, stop meeting people and start losing all my confidence. Skin & Beauty is quite important for an added boost of confidence in every girl or woman at any age. I am a certified makeup artist and an active person on social media especially on Snap chat where I post product reviews, do live first impressions and makeup tutorials (Snapchat ID: enurmana). I have always been active and very confident on Snap chat while making tutorials and doing first impressions on my naked skin but it took a deep turn when I started facing this acne problem in January 2016.

I was undergoing extremely stressful situation in my personal life which I would not like to disclose openly here. There was a lot going on since a long time but it finally started taking a toll on my skin. My skin, my hormones and my entire body started losing its strength to deal with stress anymore. I started having the worst anxiety of all times, had hormonal issues and ended up with Problem Skin that was getting worse with every day that passed. It demoralized me and I started losing all my confidence. I stopped recording first impressions or makeup tutorials on Snapchat because I would feel ugly with a face full of acne. Stress is a killer! Stress destroys a person completely and it happened to me but the good thing is that I came out of it mainly because; my situation improved, through my will power and by following an exercise regimen.

For my skin problem I tried some at home acne treatments that worked. To know how I got rid of all the stress related acne issues with this herbal mask read here (TRY THIS HERBAL MASK AT HOME TO GET RID OF ACNE!)


By : Natural Health News

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