How To Avoid Foot Pain While Wearing Your Favorite Pair Of Heels?

Who doesn’t want to rock their brand new Louboutins without going through a sharp twitching pain in your feet? I would personally love to know something that can help me get rid of the foot pain associated with wearing heels so that I don’t have to discard my beautiful heels lying in my storage box since years.

Fashion footwear is what majority of the women and even men are crazy for but when it comes to women fashion footwear the story always ends at high heels. Even though there are now some beautiful sandals and flip flops making their space in the fashion footwear industry but somehow heels always take a lead. Be it a fashion show, prom night, wedding party or any other special occasion every woman loves to rock their dress with a pair of beautiful heels. What causes all the mess is the pain associated with it!

There are a number of tips rolling all over the internet to avoid foot pain which include applying lotion, band-aids, balms etc. but somehow we cannot stop living in pain after attending a never ending night party. The Hot News is that you can now try a simple hack that involves a bit of medical interference.  No, I am not talking about surgery; I am talking about the medical tape. Yes, the medical tape that is used for medical purposes. I got to know about this hack through a blog I was reading one day so I thought of sharing it with you all on Natural Health News.

How a medical tape helps you get rid of this twitching pain in your feet when you wear your favorite heels is by preventing the nerve from splitting apart when the pitch of your shoes puts weight on it. What happens when you wear heels is that there is a nerve between our third and fourth toe which starts acting up when pressure is applied through the pitch of our shoes. When you tape the two toes together with medical tape it can help ease the stress on the nerve thereby preventing the throbbing foot pain.

Share your thoughts here when you personally try this hack yourself. Would love to know how it worked on you!

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