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Celebrities Fighting With Chronic Illness

Other than the life full of glamour and being the center of attention of any Hot News circulating all over the internet, our celebrities also live a life like all normal people does. They too, can have health issues and they do. It’s not always the spa tours and glamour parties that they have to attend; they also have to visit doctors not just for routine checkups but for some chronic illnesses. They go through depression and mood changes too like Angeline Jolie did. They have their ups and downs too be it health related, relationship related or anything related to their personal life. In your news headlines or latest breaking news on TV you must have already heard about some of the chronic illnesses that our celebrities are going through. Here is a preview:

1.    Selena Gomez is fighting with Lupus

Selena Gomez
2.    Lena Dunham is fighting with Endometriosis

Lena Dunham
3.    Charlie Sheen struggling with HIV

Charlie Sheen
4.    Tom Hanks is struggling with Diabetes

Tom Hanks
5.    Kim Kardashian is struggling with Psoriasis

Kim Kardashian
6.    Michael J. Fox has Parkinson’s Disease

Michael J
7.    Elisabeth Hassel beck is struggling with Celiac Disease

Elisabeth Hassel
8.    Montel Williams has Multiple Sclerosis

Montel Williams
9.    Bret Michaels has chronic Heart Disease

Bret Michaels
10.    Jillian Michaels is going through Polycystic ovary syndrome

Jillian Michaels

So next time you judge someone by how happy they look apparently, keep in mind that they might be a fighter secretly. Everyone in this world is struggling with something or the other so never judge a book by its cover and always look at the other side of the picture before forming an opinion. We make assumptions a little too quickly and then regret later. Anyway, let’s just hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

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