Granuloma Annulare Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What is granuloma annulare?

The skin condition, granuloma annulare consists of reddish, raised lesions which tend to form the patterns of ring, mostly in the feet and hands. What causes the skin condition is unknown till date, however for some, granuloma annulare is caused due to minor injuries of skin or because of some medication types.

Moreover, few of its types mainly strike adults whilst others usually affect children. Mostly, the skin condition is not painful or itchy, thus no particular treatment is required. Usually, the lesions resolve themselves within 24 months. In case you are conscious about the appearance of lesions, the doctor can suggest medications that tend to pace their disappearance.

What are the symptoms of granuloma annulare?

Its symptoms can vary, merely depending upon its type:

When is the high time to consult a doctor?

In case you notice reddish bumps on your skin that appears in ring patterns, call up for an appointment.

What causes granuloma annulare?

What exactly causes granuloma annulare, is still a mystery. However, in few individuals, it can be triggered due to the following factors:

What are the risk factors of granuloma annulare?

Occasionally, the condition is linked with thyroid disease or diabetes, quite often when lesions tends to be generalized or numerous.

How is granuloma annulare diagnosed?

Generally, the doctor can determine the skin condition by means of thoroughly examining an affected skin. In order to confirm its granuloma annulare, the doctor can conduct a skin biopsy, which involves taking a sample of your affected skin for examining it using a microscope.

How is granuloma annulare treated?

In most instances, no particular treatment is needed for treating granuloma annulare, as most of the lesions tend to resolve on their own after completing their due course of few months. However, in rare cases, they can last for even two years or above. For people those bothered about their affected skin appearance, the doctor can suggest the following:

Its treatment will help pace the disappearance of lesions.


By : Natural Health News

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