Boils Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment


What are Boils?

Boils are pus filled, painful bumps that tend to form under the skin. This happens when bacteria inflame and infect the hair follicles. Moreover, boils mostly begins as tender, red lumps. Such lumps instantly get filled by pus, getting painful and larger until they get rupture.
Whilst carbuncle is the group of boils which tend to form a linked infection area under your skin. Squeezing or pricking the boil can spread the infection.

What are the symptoms of carbuncles and Boils?


Anywhere on the skin, the boils may occur, however mainly appear on the armpits, neck, thighs or buttocks- the hair bearing parts where you experience friction or most probable to sweat. Symptoms of the condition include:
• Red, painful bumps that begins out about a pea size.
• Swollen, red skin surrounding the bump.
• Within few days, the bump size increases (because of pus).
• A white-yellow color tip development that ruptures eventually allowing the filled pus to drain.


The group of boils, carbuncle forms a linked infection area. They mostly occur at the back of your thighs, shoulders or neck. If compared with boils, the carbuncles tend to cause more severe and deeper infection and leave a lasting scar. Individuals having carbuncle, feel unwell and can experience chills and fever.

When is the high time to consult a doctor?

You can easily take care of a small, single boil yourself. However immediately consult your doctor in case you experience more than a single boil at the same time or in case the boil:
• Is very painful or worsen quickly.
• Is causing fever.
• Is occurred on the face.
• Over two inches across.
• Not healed in 14 days.
• Recurs.

What are the Causes of Boils?

Mostly, they are caused due to Staphylococcus aurues- a bacteria type, which is usually found inside your nose and on your skin. Sometimes, boils develop at areas where your skin is broken due to an insect bite or an injury, as a result, providing easy entry to the bacteria.

What are the risk factors?

Following factors may increase the risk to develop boils/carbuncles:
• Close contact with a staph infected person.
Skin conditions such as eczema and acne.
• Compromised immunity.

Discuss the complications?

Hardly, the bacteria from the carbuncle or boil enter the bloodstream spreading to your other body parts.

How are the conditions diagnosed?

The diagnosis of the conditions can be easily done through thorough examination of the affected area. However in case you have infection which has failed to respond the standard treatment or recurring infections, the doctor can suggest sending the pus sample for lab testing.

How are the conditions treated?

Warm compresses at home can greatly help you treat tiny boils, however for some bigger boils/carbuncles, the treatment can include:
• Antibiotics.
• Incision plus drainage.

Few home remedies for quickly healing small boils include:
• Warm compresses.
• Never lance or squeeze the boil yourself.
• Take care of personal hygiene.


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