Ever Wondered What Vitamins Really Are?

We all pretty much know what vitamins are but a lot of us never go into the science of vitamins. There is no need as such. All you need to know is why are they so important and what vitamins are essential for growth, sustenance, energy, to stay healthy and in shape. In order to educate you a bit we will go into the science of vitamins and find out what exactly is a vitamin?

There are several natural substances and a vitamin is one of the groups of these natural substances. Several vitamins when combined serve a different purpose individually. Some need to be combined together and some are taken in seclusion to achieve the best fallouts. Vitamins are quite essential for continued healthy existence of an individual. They are so important for the digestive system so they cannot generally be ignored. You can have various stomach illnesses if you are deficient in responsible vitamin. These are present in small amounts in various NATURAL foods. Lacking the daily recommended amounts in your body can lead to several vitamin deficiencies which result in various illnesses resulting in an unhealthy individual.

Let’s put it simply to make it easier for you to understand! A Vitamin is a natural compound that contains carbon and an extremely essential nutrient which the body cannot produce in sufficient amounts on its own therefore, it is required to attain some of these from the natural foods or there are so many natural supplements available in the market these days which fulfill the body’s deficiency of these vitamins.


Having excess of these vitamins can lead to over active hormones, nausea, high blood pressure and several other side effects that are linked to each vitamin if taken in abundance.

There are 2 types of these vitamins:

1. Fat-soluble vitamins
2. Water-soluble vitamins

Fat-soluble vitamins are stockpiled in the fat tissues of our bodies including liver. These are much easier to store in the body than water-soluble vitamins so they can easily be reserved in the body. Usually people rarely get deficient in these vitamins. Some of these vitamins stay reserved for days and some can even stay for months. They are absorbed through the intestinal tract with the help of lipids and people who have high lipid content tend to absorb more causing deficiency of these vitamins.

Vitamins which are fat-soluble:

Water-soluble vitamins do not get stored cannot stay reserved for a long time in the body. They are normally exorcised out of the body through urination. These need to be replaced more often than the fat soluble ones so mostly these are the ones that get deficient and need to be restocked for which we have to consume more natural foods and in dire cases need to take supplements as well.

Vitamins which are water-soluble:

In total there are about 13 recognized vitamins in the body which are needed for healthy functioning. Read about these vitamins here.


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