Does A Rice Diet Plan For Weight Loss Work Effectively?

Preface of Rice Diet Plan for Weight Loss

To lose weight quickly and have a flat stomach, you can try the Rice Diet Plan for Weight Loss. It is a perfect diet if you want to lose weight quickly without suffering too much. We often wonder if rice is fattening. It is a perfect food for those who want to lose weight because it is light and nutritious. Rice can also be seasoned in many different ways. Also, the benefits of rice are many. The rice diet plan for weight loss is ideal if you want to lower your abdomen and get a flat stomach in no time. It also helps to purify the body and will allow you to regain shape if you have accumulated a few extra kilos.

How Does The Rice Diet Plan For Weight Loss Work?

It is a real weight loss diet, which will allow you to get rid of extra kilos and feel less bloated thanks to a cleansing action. In addition to being a very effective weight loss diet, it is also a gluten-free diet, which can therefore be safely practiced by celiac. Let’s start with the calories in rice. 100 grams of rice provide 330 calories. But during cooking, this cereal absorbs a lot of water, so the yield is higher than that of pasta.

The Rice Diet Meal Plan rules are very simple. Between meals, always try to eat raw vegetables, such as carrots or celery, or yogurt. To season, use extra virgin olive oil and increase the use of spices, allied to the line, limiting the consumption of salt that can cause water retention and cellulite.

There are many variants of rice and in this Weight Loss Diet Plan with Rice, you can use the one you prefer, or alternate, all according to the recipes. White rice is perfect for soups, but it would be good to always choose brown rice because it provides more fiber and has a low glycemic index. Red rice and black Venere rice have very intense aromatic nuances, while wild rice has a mixture of red-brown grains and has a very particular flavor. Finally, basmati rice is ideal for your dishes with oriental flavors.

The Benefits of the Rice Diet

The rice diet plan for weight loss is based on 4 characteristics of this food. Namely, the satiating power, the high presence of fibers, mainly contained in brown rice, the low caloric intake, and the stimulation of diuresis. Rice is more filling than pasta because it absorbs more water during cooking. It is also a complex carbohydrate so its digestion time is much longer. Brown rice, in particular, helps intestinal well-being thanks to its fibers, which promote regularity. In addition, rice is low in sodium and rich in potassium, factors that stimulate diuresis and fan, making it a purifying diet.

Weight loss scheme: the phases of the rice diet and an example of a Rice Diet Menu. Let’s look at an example of how the rice diet works for three days. It should be noted that it can be followed up to a minimum of 9 days by varying the food combination.

Rice Diet: 3 Days

With the 3-day rice diet, you will notice a rapid weight loss and a clear deflation of the stomach because the calories allowed are very few, around 800 calories per day. Here is an example of a 3-day Rice Diet Plan Menu.

Breakfast: cream of rice (rice boiled in water and beaten) with a tablespoon of honey and fresh fruit.

Lunch: 70 grams of boiled rice, half a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, and a fruit.

Dinner: Soup with 70 grams of rice and vegetable to the taste, half a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

What to Eat During the Rice Diet

As we have seen, the rice diet plan for weight loss is mainly based on the intake of boiled rice. But there are several natural fat-burning foods that you can combine in your rice diet to vary your slimming diet a bit. First of all, don’t forget to include detoxifying foods like vegetables and fruits. Preferably vegetables and fruits in the season because they are the richest in vitamins and minerals. Among the foods that are given during the rice diet we find:

Legumes, lean cheeses, white and bluefish, lean meat (mainly chicken and turkey), quinoa, amaranth, etc.

Be careful, because there are also forbidden foods, which you must give up throughout the diet.

Butter, sausage, sugar, candy, alcohol, etc.

Does Rice Make You Fat? Contraindications of the Rice Diet

The rice diet plan for weight loss should be followed for a short period. Failure to do so could lead to serious nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. The main reason is that the rice diet is unbalanced since it admits little quantity of food and little variety. It is a hypo protein and hypocaloric diet, among other side effects. This could cause us fatigue and lack of concentration. It is a great way to lose weight quickly, but it should be stopped after a maximum of 9 days.

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