7 Days Rice Diet Plan and Its Benefits

Rice diet is a healthy diet. Fruits, grains and high fiber vegetables make up the bulk of the diet. Rice diet is low in fat and also in salt. Daily rice diet contain 800 calories per day which is very low. A diet which is rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low in sugar these are prevent you from many health problems like cancer, heart problems, diabetes and hypertension. Your daily meal should not different from phase one. In phase two you can eat in one day of week fish, lean meat or eggs. This phase can help you to control your weight. Phase three us also called maintain phase, it is intended to be your dietary plan for your upcoming life. In all phases you should don’t us the salt or fat. Brown rice which is less processed and filled with nutrients and fiber and not only healthy than white rice but it also help to lose fats in your body and keep you healthy. Brown rice have vitamins, amino acids and minerals, it is that source of dietary which help to fight with constipation. Rice diet is very good for your body and gives you energy, brown rice is consists of complex carbohydrate and delivered energy giving sugars slowly. Rice gives you about 21% of global human per capita energy and 15% capita protein. Rice protein ranks is high in nutrients among cereals, it also provides minerals, vitamin and fiber. Minerals and vitamin increase the function and metabolic activity of all your body organs and also increase energy levels. Rice diet is also good for your heart health. Bran oil which is made from rice it contain powerful antioxidants that make save your heart from many other problems.

Rice diet plan is healthy because

It cleanses the whole body
It is fulfilling
It is low in calorie
It is delicious

7 days rice diet plan

Breakfast: eat ½ cup of brown rice, 1 apples and 1 cup of green tea
Lunch: ½ cup of brown rice, vegetable soup with salad
Dinner: brown rice

Breakfast: eat any fruit don’t eat bananas or grapes or brown rice
Lunch: veggies, boiled fish or vegetable soup
Dinner: virgin coconut oil or brown rice with little butter

Breakfast: one apple, brown rice
Lunch: cucumber salad, vegetable soup
Dinner: large salad and baked mushroom

Breakfast: plain yogurt with brown rice
Lunch: salad, vegetables soup and 2 oz. of lean meat
Dinner: brown rice with vegetables

Breakfast: brown rice and on fruit
Lunch: fish, salad, vegetable soup, brown rice
Dinner: brown rice and salad

Breakfast: some walnuts, one apples and brown rice
Lunch: salad, lean meat, steamed veggies vegetables soup and brown rice
Dinner: virgin coconut oil or brown rice with little butter

Breakfast: one fruit and brown rice
Lunch: fish, brown rice, beans and vegetable soup
Dinner: salad with olives, brown rice and large salad

By : Natural Health News

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