What is Blackberry Herb?

The blackberry plant is herb plant which is capable of germinating of seeds without pollination. This healing herb blossoms from June to august and have pink or white flowers which have outspread petals and are longer than the sepals. The fruit is shiny blue black to black red when they get mature. This herb plant has sweet taste. The blackberry leaves, roots and root bark contains relatively huge amount of tannins with astringent properties and used internally to treat digestive aliment like dysentery and diarrhea. Blackberry leaves externally also used for to treat eczema, rashes, fungal infections, oily skin, injuries, hemorrhoids, acne, pain and itching of stings and bites of insects. This healing herb is also good for pregnant women. It is a source of natural folate. Blackberry contributes in optimum growth of cells and tissues and also helps to reduce risk of birth defects in babies. \blackberry can also added to fresh fruit salads and baked goods like cakes, tarts and pies or prepare preserves and jellies. It can also combine with fruits for preparing fruit salsa which can be served with chips and crisp.

Benefits of Blackberry

Following are the some benefits of blackberry

  • It is also used to treat fever, cystitis, gout, infertility, cough, flu, colds and vaginal discharge.
  • Fully ripe fruits of blackberry which can be raw, eaten or cooked and also used for juice, wines, jam. The taste is aromatic and strong.
  • Blackberry fruit is also effective for the development of cancer which include the lung cancer, esophageal and colon cancer,
  • A blackberry also provides the protection against the endothelial dysfunction which is characterized by abnormal function for inner lining blood vessels.
  • Blackberry is a source of both soluble and insoluble fiber essential for the function of digestive system. Insoluble fiber encourages better and easy absorption of water in large intestine and adds bulk to stools.
  • Blackberries also assist for healthy management. Some amounts of calories make an excellent snack during weight loss attempts.
  • Blackberry also contain good amount of vitamin K which help you for normal clotting of blood .it helps you to preventing excess amount if bleeding from injuries and aids in healing wounds.
  • Blackberry is good for maintain beautiful skin. It is packed with different multiple skin friendly nutrients like Vitamin C, vitamin E and other potent antioxidants.
  • Blackberry contains many vital minerals like calcium and magnesium which is necessary to maintain healthy bones.

By : Natural Health News

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