Benefits of Vitamin B8, Deficiency and Dietary Sources

Vitamins are group of chemical compounds that are required by the body in extremely small quantity. Vitamins do not produce energy, but their catalytic action is essential for different processes that take place in human body. Because vitamins are not synthesized substantially in humans, body has to depend on the outside source. An average individual can obtain them by eating well balanced diet.

Vitamin B8 or biotin is one of them. It has a particular role in the body. Deficiency of B8 can lead to some health conditions. Brewer’s yeast is the best source of vitamin B8. Vitamin B8 is a water-soluble vitamin, which is not only generally distributed in food but as well manufactured in the lower digestive tract of the human body. It is extremely stable when heated.

Benefits of Vitamin B8

Deficiency of Vitamin B8

A deficiency in Vitamin B8 is rare because it is generally available in food.

Good dietary sources of Vitamin B8

Vitamin B8 deficiency is fairly rare, as it is found in generally all food sources. So, if an individual is following a regular and well healthy balanced diet, it is quite impossible for him to build up a biotin deficiency. On the other hand, rich sources of biotin in food include:

As mentioned above, eating a different variety of foods that have vitamin B8 is the best way to get an adequate quantity and stop deficiency. Healthy persons who eat a Balanced Diet rarely need supplements.

This vitamin is as well usually produced in the intestines if there is an enough amount of strong intestinal flora present. On the other hand, frequent intake of antibiotics can interfere with the bodily synthesis of this vitamin.

Vitamin B8 for Hair Growth

Loss of hair is a natural biological process as a person becomes old.

However, there are lots of nutrients which assist in improving the circulation in the scalp. Everybody desires to have thick, smooth and supple hair, particularly female. Having healthy growth of hair and Vitamin B8 biotin goes hand in hand. Biotin renews the strength of hair root and follicles. It is helpful in those people having mild to moderate hair loss due to nutrient deficiency.

Vitamin B8 or biotin and some other Vitamins for Hair are as well necessary for metabolism of proteins which is necessary for healthy hair growth. Vitamin B8 prevents breaking of hairs.

Vitamin B8 for Skin

There is no obvious scientific confirmation that suggest vitamin B8 helps to decrease acne breakouts, though because biotin is involved in fat metabolism, its deficiency may well impair fat metabolism. As a result excess of fat may move into the upper layers of skin and block of skin pores. This may possibly lead to acne and blackheads. Supplementing Vitamin B Complex which contains biotin as one of its content may for that reason confirm successful in treating acne condition.

By : Natural Health News

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