Bee Balm

What is Bee Balm?

Bee Balm is maybe among the most common of all Herbs today extensively used for its culinary and medicinal properties. Scientifically recognized as Monarda fistulosa, it grows abundantly in open areas and has a sharp and mint like flavor. If you want to learn more about Bee Balm and its benefits, then you will want to read this article. Bee balm is a plant that grows best in damp habitats, nearby to rivers and back waters, near springs and ponds. It is naturally found in wetland areas, thickets and fields. Bee Balm may also use in many Herbal Remedies.

Bee balm is also called ‘Sonoran oregano’ because the dried leaves can be substituted for Oregano in cooking. Bee balm has many gifts to offer. It can find its way into your culinary spice cabinet; yet can also be some of our most potent medicine against infections and stagnant conditions.

Bee balm’s flowers explode in a colorful display ranging from soft lavender and white to dark pink and brilliant red. Its generous blooms, gorgeous hues, and aromatic scent attract numerous pollinators, from bees to hummingbirds.

Benefits of Bee Balm Herbs

The health’s benefits of Bee Balm Herb include are:

  • It’s used as a skin antiseptic for infections, rashes and wounds.
  • Its use as freshens the breath.
  • It is also said to be helpful for the treatment of Depression.
  • Hot bee balm infused tea has been used to relieve upper respiratory ailments like colds and flu.
  • Used for curing common ailments such as cold, headache and sore throat.
  • It use for chronic vaginal Yeast Infections.
  • The leaves can be infused in tea to enhance its rejuvenating and stress relieving properties.
  • It may aid in the treatment of certain viral infections.
  • In earlier days, it was also used for treating dental infections.
  • Add the bee balm to the water, giving it a good taste.
  • It can soothe the inflamed urinary tract.
  • It can help treat Symptoms of Dyspepsia.
  • Bee Balm’s exclusive fragrance and flavor is used in salads.
  • It helps to reduce the spasms of menstrual cramping.
  • Native Americans used it to treat fever and chills.
  • Because of its minty flavor, it works well as a garnishing agent.
  • The leaves of this plant can also be used for seasoning meats.
  • It is particularly helpful when there are associated signs of coldness.
  • Bee Balm can help healthy digestion and relieve discomforts for example indigestion.
  • It used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Bee balm is a wonderful remedy for burns.
  • Bee balm may be used to help reduce anxiety.
  • It improves sleep in people with Insomnia.
  • It can be used to induce sweating when taken as a tea.
  • A poultice from the mashed leaves can be applied to the skin to reduce inflammation.

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