What is Balmony Herb?

Balmony is herbaceous perennial plant. Its square stem reaches 1 to 3 feet high shiny dark leaves are dark green and oblong lanceolate in shape. It blooms from July to September. It is found in wet ground Newfoundland to Florida and westward to Kansas, Texas and Minnesota. Balmony is bitter herb plant with a tea flavor which acts mainly like tonic for digestive and liver system. This healing herb grows easily on any type of soil but thrives best in loamy soil and clay. This herb plant is able to endure heavy clays in some darkness. Balmony preferences to grow in slight shade. This herb plant is able to sustain in arid situation. Balmony grows well in swampy gardens like in soil which will remain wet whole year. This herb plant can be found in rain forests, rives and borders of wetlands. This herb plant grows permanently on opposite sides of a stem. The ointment relieves the itching and irritation of piles. It also stimulates the fever, appetite and many other problems.  It promotes absorptions and stimulant the gastro intestinal. This herb plant harvest when the flower is dried for later use. This herb plant bears fruits which are in the form of ovoid capsule. This healing herb is very cold hardy and tolerating temperatures down to about -20 C.

Benefits of Balmony

Following are the some benefits of balmony which are performing different function:

  • The leaves of balmony are useful for medical purpose as they are anti nauseous and able to eliminate parasitic worms in body.
  • It is also used to relieve vomiting and nausea, expel worms and intestinal colic.
  • Balmony leaves are also used to treat weakness and indigestion.
  • Balmony leaves also used to treat dyspepsia and jaundice.
  • Balmony is good for liver problems.
  • The leave of balmony also cleanses the body from all toxins. A balms or ointment are prepared with the balmony leaves are usually suggestion patients who are suffering from piles, irritating, swollen breasts and many other problems.
  • Its leaves are also used for the treatment of debility, gallbladder and gallstones problems.
  • It is also used for painful ulcers, breast, sores and eczema.
  • Balmony leaves are used a hepatic, anti emetic laxative and cholagogue.

By : Natural Health News

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