How Can I Find Out If I Am Defecient In Vitamin B12?

A lot of people don’t realize for the longest time that they are deficient in vitamin B12. Most of us keep wondering how we can even find out if we are actually deficient or not. We wait for the symptoms to show up which is the worst thing to do to you. Sensible people always get their vitamins levels checked and immediately counteract any deficiency if any exists.

How Can You Find Out If You Are Actually Deficient In Vitamin B12?

A simple blood test can determine the B12 levels in your body. If your body is low in B12 reserves then the doctor prescribes supplemental B12 which is available in the form of a pill. It is found in the form of a tablet which is to be kept under the tongue to dissolve it. It is also available in the form of gel which has to be applies to the nostrils. In some cases, your doctor also prescribes injections to upsurge your vitamin B12 levels in your body.

You should be aware of vitamin B12 in your diet and should make sure that you eat foods rich in this vitamin. You can improve your B12 levels by keeping a monitored check in your diet and by incorporating foods that are rich in vitamin B12 if you don’t want to take the supplements. Meat, fish, eggs and dairy products are rich in vitamin B12 so try to eat more of these to maintain your levels. It is not important that you start taking supplements immediately. Doctors only advice supplements if the reserves are horribly low and cannot be managed by diet alone.

It is advised that you always consult your medical professional first and don’t diagnose and treat your problem at home through the knowledge provided on internet. If you have serious medical conditions then please don’t try anything without your health care provider’s supervision.

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