10 Natural Ways to Treat Back Pain and its Prevention

Well-being for life is very important for all. Back pain is a health issue which affects about eight out of ten people. Mostly accidents and sports injuries are the main reason of back pain but of the time simple activities or some movements like pick up an object from floor by bending can also cause pain. Back pain includes lower back pain, middle back pain upper back pain and low back pain. Reduce your risk of back pain right form start.

Risk Factors for Back Pain

Some risk factors for back pain are heavy lifting, moving luggage, athletic activity, pregnancy, kidney problems, tumors, and ovary problems and aging. Some are discuss below

Kidney Problems

Kidney problem includes kidney infections, traumatic bleeding of kidney and stones are link with low back pain. Diagnosis can be done by urine analysis, ultrasound or other imaging study of abdomen.


Women who are pregnant it also the main cause of back pain


Back pain can also cause tumors. Tumors can be detected by using plain x-rays imaging tests, nuclear bone scanning, MRI scanning and CAT.

Ovary Problems

Uterine fibroids, endometriosis and ovarian cysts are also cause of back pain. It can be diagnose gynecologic examination and testing.


Back pain is common as you get older and it starts around between 30 to 40.

What is The Function of Low Back Pain?

Back pain can affect the bony lumbar spine, disc between the vertebrae, spinal cord and nerves muscles of the back. The back pain or lumber area which serves many important functions for our human body. The function mainly includes structural support, protection of many other body tissues and its movement. When extend our back perform function to support the weight of our upper body and when we extend, bend or rotate our wait the back is involved in movement. So injury to structures is considered important for weight bearing like body spine, tendons, muscle and ligaments and mostly it can be detected when body is in standing erect or used in different movements.  To know about the cause of back pain it is necessary to appreciate the normal design of tissues of that area of body. The important structures of low back pain which can be related to symptoms in this region include the bony lumbar spine.

How you can prevent yourself from back pain?

Preventing pain is better than try to cure it after it has set in and can be too late. If you have no any experience of back pain, following are some recommendations which you have to follow for live physical well being.

Sit on chairs or cars with good lumber support

Change your sitting position after some times

Try to avoid bend without supporting your back

Try to wear comfortable and low heeled shoes and women should avoid wearing heels all the time

Sleep on your side for reduce curve in your spine and you can also sleep on a firm surface.

Drink plenty of water because your body is composed mostly of after so staying hydrated will help to keep you fluid and also reduce stiffness.

When weight lifting uses your legs then always try to keep your back straight.

Try to avoid smoking but it is best if you quit smoking because smoking reduces blood flow to your lower spine.

Try to maintain an optimal weight to live well being

Get vitamin D form sun daily because it helps to keep your bones and spine strong and healthy.

10 Natural Ways to Treat Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain then you should know that there are many effective and safe ways to live well being. Here are some 10 natural ways to treat back pain are given below

Back pain Exercise:

Back pain exercise helps you to keep you active and strengthen your muscle of your spine and radically it reducing your back pain.


Yoga is also an effective way for alleviating back pain. The benefit of yoga was proving more than 100 adults who have back pain. They take weekly classes of yoga and their age was between 20 to 64. At the end the result is that only 21 percent of patients who take yoga classes were taking pain medication down from the 60 percent from start.


Massage is also an effective way to reduce you back pain, massage offers very good health benefits. Massage release endorphins which help to induce relation, reduce pain and also reduce level of stress. It also reduces the damage effects of stress by slowing your heart rate, metabolism and respiration.

K Laser Therapy:

K laser treatment is which helps you to reduce pain, enhance tissue healing and reduce inflammation.

Aquatic Therapy:

Water therapy in a pool is a good way to reduce back pain and it is useful for those people who are sedentary and for pregnant women.

Physical Therapy:

People who have physical therapy to treat back pain they have less chances to medical care as compared to those who seek it a later time.

Strength Training:

Strength training will help you to strengthen your back and core muscles which are necessary for reduce pain and preventing injury.

Try Rub and Ointments:

There are many pain rubs and ointments. Some include icy hot or tiger balm.

Use Epsom Salt Baths:

If you have regular back pain then fill the tub with warm water and dew drops of Epsom salt. It is cheap and easy to find. It works on its way through the skin and into sore muscles.

Herbal Medication:

Many pain relievers can help you to reduce pain but you should consult your doctor about herbal remedies. For example ginger is a natural anti-flammatory and it helps it reduce inflammation with back pain.

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