What is Yohimbe?

Yohimbe is a tree in Central Africa that is very popular due to the popularity of a chemical found in the bark of the tree. This chemical is called yohimbine and it has the approval of several drug agencies around the world for various health issues.It has a powerful effect on the human body and is used to treat various health conditions. In fact it is so powerful that the pursuit of its benefits has led to over harvesting of the yohimbe tree.
Traditionally its bark was used to make medicine using natural methods. This carried a very little risk of over dosing on the active ingredient yohimbine. Because yohimbine in high amounts can be dangerous it is very important to be prudent in acquiring extracts of it. A reputable herbalist or health food store should be used to purchase yohimbine extracts or anything claiming to contain yohimbine to ensure proper dose size.

Benefits of Yohimbe

  • It aids in weight loss. In fact this is one of its most common and notable uses. It blocks certain adrenoreceptors within the body which causes an increase of norepinephrine levels. Since norepinephrine blocks mobilization of fats, an increase in its levels aids in fat loss
  • It dilated blood vessels improving the circulation of blood. This causes more oxygen and nutrients to reach various parts of the body and thus boosts energy levels, improves cognition, and hastens recovery and wound healing
  • Its vasodilation effects are useful for combating hypertension. When blood vessels dilate it makes it easy for the heart to pump blood. It also makes it difficult for plaque to block the blood vessels. This ease of tension on the cardiovascular system relieves hypertension
  • It increases blood flow to the genitals improving sexual health. Conditions such as erectile dysfunction, infertility, and low libido can all be improved with the addition of yohimbe to the health regimen

By : Natural Health News

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