Cat’s Claw

What is Cat’s Claw?

Cat’s Claw, known scientifically as Uncaria tomentosa, is a woody vine that is widely found in the jungles of Central South America. It gets its colloquial name due the shape of its thorns, which resemble the claws of a cat. South Americans have been using it for thousands of years to treat many different ailments such as stomach ulcers,arthritis, dysentery,fevers, and inflammation.

The parts of the Cat’s Claw vine that are used for medicinal purposes are its roots and bark, which are ground up and used to formulate powders and extracts. It is very important to ensure proper preparation and correct dosing of this powerful herb. Some individuals may have an allergic reaction to it while others may experience kidney problems. Though these effects will be minor but it is still highly advised to consult a health care professional before using it.

Benefits of Cat’s Claw

  •     Its most notable effect is the enhancement of the immune system. A strong immune system is the most fundamental component of good health and Cat’s Claw contains powerful alkaloids that activate the immune response of the body by increasing white blood cell count and antioxidant action. Amongst all its constituents, Isoteropodin is the one that has the most significant effects on the immune system
  •     It is high in antioxidants that prevent free radical damage in the body
  •     It fights and prevents inflammation in areas of the body such as joints and recent wounds. This anti-inflammatory action speeds up recovery and relieves pain
  •     It reduces the symptoms of AIDS
  •     It reduces the progression of breast cancer
  •     It cleanses the digestive tract and eliminates harmful bacteria from the gut. This improves digestion and regulates bowel movements
  •     It reduces inflammation of the gastrointestinal system which reduces pain and discomfort for people suffering from diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome

By : Natural Health News

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