Yoga & Bone Health

Milk is definitely good for bone health but so is Yoga! It is an ancient life enhancing routine that transports numerous benefits to an individual. Improved bone health is one of those several benefits that this activity slots in. A lot of weight-lifting exercises strengthen bones and kick off osteoporosis but there are some very vital postures in yoga that are responsible for improving bone health. There are some postures that involve lifting you own weight which include:

  •     Downward facing Dog
  •     Upward facing Dog

A recent study conducted at California State University, Los Angeles presented that yoga practice augmented bone density in the vertebrae. When one stresses out calcium levels go down and more cortisol (a stress hormone) is released in the body. Yoga reduced the levels of cortisol which helps retain more calcium in the bones making them stay stronger and healthier.

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By : Natural Health News

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