Hangover? Want To Get Out Of It? Try These Asanas!

Went overboard on drinking last night?

Have work early morning?

Want a quick way to get over the hangover fast?


If, you tipped back an excess of alcoholic beverages the previous evening what you should do now to get over it is you should be craving to grab your yoga mat and start doing some relaxing asnas. You ought to! A little Yoga can go far to minimalize suffering and rate the restoration process. Guaranteed by yoga experts!

Here we have compiled 6 yoga poses that are going to be of immense help for you. Attempt these delicate yoga postures, first thing you get up in the morning. But be careful whenever a party time gets excessively cheerful, make sure to abate your pace a bit, rotating between a hard drink and a glass of water, and don’t forget to eat while you drink as suggested by Gina Caputo, the “Yogini on the Loose”.

Find here these poses that can help you get over your hangover but these are strictly for advanced learners. Beginners should first full lessons on these poses and then attempt.

1.    Corpse Pose (Savasana) with a block variation

What does it do?

It relaxes your neck that had gone stiff while you were sleeping after drinking like there is no tomorrow!

How to attempt this pose?

  •     Start lying on your back with a block under your head
  •     Close your eyes and begin to turn your head side to side as if you were slowly saying “Noooooo”
  •     The long edge of the block will be under the base of your skull as you roll your head side to side, giving a gentle massage to these muscles
  •     Keeping your eyes closed also helps relax these sub-occipital muscles since they are connected to eye movements

Corpse Pose







2.    Child’s Pose (Balasana)

What does it do?

  •     Helps you relax
  •     Compresses your abdomen to stimulate peristalsis
  •     Enhances lymph circulation to promote removal of metabolic waste products

How to attempt this pose?

  •     After you’ve rolled off to one side, come onto hands and knees to rest your aching head in Child’s Pose
  •     Close your eyes and relax your head on your stacked hands, the floor, a block, or a blanket

Child’s Pose







3.    Cat-Cow Pose

What does it do?

  •     Activates your cardiovascular system
  •     Regulates blood flow
  •     Helps your body to restore itself by regulating blood flow
  •     Helps body process alcohol and its by-products

How to attempt this pose?

  •     Start with Cat-Cow, a simple and gentle movement with deep breaths
  •     Each cycle feels as if you’re getting a little spinal flush
  •     Stretch the muscles of your abdomen that will activate them to help you get rid of the hangover

Cat-Cow Pose







4.    Revolved Garland Pose (Parivrtta Malasana)

What does it do?

  •     Helps you relinquish your bowels
  •     Moderately compress your liver
  •     Encourages the liver to enhance the cleaning process

How to attempt this pose?

  •     Add a twist to each side of your body in order to give it the feeling that you’re drenching out your kidneys for cleansing

Revolved Garland Pose







5.    Supported Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend (Upavistha Konasana)

What does it do?

  •     Provides stretch to your back muscles
  •     Soothes your headache
  •     Cools down the heated state of your body because the body heats up after excessive alcohol consumption

How to attempt this pose?

  •     Drop down onto your seat and extend your legs out into a wide V
  •     Grab a block or two or a bolster if you have one and place it between your outstretched legs
  •     From here, fold forward and stack your props until you can rest your forehead on them without strain
  •     Add blankets or pillows as needed to fill the gap

Supported Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend







6.    Reclining Bound Angle Pose (Supported Supta Baddha Konasana)

What does it do?

  •     Facilitates deep breathing
  •     Relaxes your mind
  •     Relaxes your muscles
  •     Oxygenates your system

How to attempt this pose?

  •     Come back up to seated and move your props behind you
  •     Align them lengthwise with your spine
  •     Make sure you have support for the back of your head
  •     Lay back so that you’re in a supported backbend
  •     Extend your arms out wide, with palms up
  •     Bring the soles of your feet together
  •     Let your knees drop out to the sides

Reclining Bound Angle Pose







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