Why Warm Up?

Unless your body is properly warmed up, your muscles and tendons are less pliable, and will be less able to cope with the demands of exercise. If you exercise without warming up adequately, you increase the risk of injury.

Warming up is not merely about limbs. A good warm up should increase the heart rate gradually so that it can pump blood around the body to meet the increased demands of workout.

Basic position: This is the position at which most exercises begin. This will be mentioned in many of the exercises that follow:
Stand with your eyes facing forward, feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned a little outward, as shown in the diagram here.

TIP: You can also warm up by doing the aerobic activity you plan to do at a very gentle level. For example, if you are going to run, you can begin by walking for a few minutes, and then gradually increase the pace until it becomes a fast walk or a jog.

Here are some of the warm up exercises you can do to begin you hard core work-out routine.

  1.     Arm Swings
  2.     Side Arm Reach
  3.     Shoulder Roll
  4.     Back and Up Reach
  5.     Jumping Jacks

For more detailed information on each one of these warming exercises you can click here.


By : Natural Health News

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