Warming Up Exercises

Let’s talk about some these warming exercises that you can do before starting your work-out routine. We have posted a detailed article on why warming up before hard core workout is important. To find out, click here.

These are some of the warm up exercises that you should incorporate in your pre workout session

  1.     Arm Swings
  2.     Side Arm Reach
  3.     Shoulder Roll
  4.     Back and Up Reach
  5.     Jumping Jacks

How to do Arm Swings?

  •     Begin from the basic position
  •     Cross hands in front of the hips
  •     Take a deep breath in
  •     Swing your arms outward, and take them over your head
  •     Breathe out as you swing your arms back to starting position

Warming Up Exercises

How to do Side Arm Reach?

  •     Begin from the basic position
  •     Place left hand on the hip, and the right one over your head
  •     Bend from the waist and lean to the left
  •     Return to the basic position
  •     Repeat with your right hand on the hip and left overhead

How to do Shoulder Roll?

  •     Begin from the basic position
  •     Roll your right shoulder forward and up, then bring it back and down
  •     Repeat in the reverse direction. i.e. bring your right shoulder back and down, then forward and up
  •     Repeat with the left shoulder

How to do back and Up Reach?

  •     Begin from the basic position
  •     Slowly extend your left arm straight
  •     At the same time extend your right arm down and back, as far back as is comfortably possible
  •     Hold briefly
  •     Repeat, changing arms

Warming Up Exercises

How to do Jumping Jacks?

  •     Begin with feet together and arms by your side
  •     Breathe in
  •     Jump up, moving your arms upward in an arc, breathing out as you do so. Land in the basic position
  •     Breathe in as you jump back to starting position
  •     Repeat as fast as you can

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