Which Food Should Eat Or Avoid In Psoriasis Diet?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease which manifests itself skin disorder. It affect your skin and begins inside your immune system. It comes from your T cells which is the type of white blood cell. These cells save the body from disease and infection. Psoriasis diet can also protect you from obesity and reduce co-morbidities which is link with psoriasis like diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Regular exercise and good health diet is recommended to everyone not only for psoriasis patients but also for others. Psoriasis diet have many positive effects on your skin. Psoriasis patients should avoid to eat heavy meals. Psoriasis Diet Plans are very important for the people who have this disease.

1400 calories per day for psoriasis diet

Breakfast should contain 250 calories in it
Mid morning snack should have 60 calories in it
Lunch should contain 450 calories in it
Mid afternoon snack should contain 125 calories in it
Dinner should contain 450 calories in it

Foods which should add in your psoriasis diet which can reduce inflammation

Colorless vegetables and fruits
Cold water fish because fish contains omega-3omega fatty oils. It reduce inflammation include mackerel, salmon, lake trout and albacore tuna
Pumpkin seeds, Olive oil, flax seeds, and walnuts because they are best source of plant for omega-3s.

Some nutritious examples are

Sweet potatoes
Kale and broccoli
Strawberries and figs

Foods which are high in vitamin A: add yellow, orange, green vegetables in your diet to increase vitamin A which is critical for your skin healing.
High fiber foods: take higher fiber foods like vegetables, seeds and fruits because it will keep your digestive system healthy.
Wild caught fish: omega-3 fats can help you to improve psoriasis.
Food which are high in zinc: it is critical for your skin health whereas pumpkin seeds are also good source of zinc.
Probiotic foods: used that foods which are high in probiotics because it can support digestion, boost immunity and also reduce inflammation.

Try to avoid following given foods if you have psoriasis

Citrus fruits
Junk foods
Nightshade vegetables like peppers, tomatoes and potatoes
Refined sugars
Processed foods
Caffeine: it can cause digestive problems and dehydration
Conventional meat: fish can be prove benefit for your health and try to avoid the minimum consummation of other animal protein
Food allergens: foods allergies can make psoriasis worse so try to avoid gluten.
Conventional dairy: people who have psoriasis they have found difficultly in A1 casein, it is a protein which is found in cow’s milk. You should look for goat’s milk product or cow’s milk which is A2 casein
Fried foods and hydrogenated oils: try to avoid these food because they are difficult to digest for that people who have psoriasis disease.

Necessary oils for psoriasis

Lavender, Tea Tree oil, frankincense which can bring relief to inflamed skin and also support the healing process. Add 3 drops of lavender oil and 3 drops of frankincense oil with 1 spoon coconut oil and rub this mixture on affected areas.

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