Which Food Should Eat or Avoid in Gallstone Diet?

Gallstone is a small organ which sits under your liver. It helps to secrete bile, stores and concentrates a liquid which is made by live which helps to digest fatty foods.  If you have surgery for removing the gallstone then your liver stills have enough bile for normal digestion. If you are recovery at home then you should eat foods slowly and mainly clear liquids like broth and gelatin. Gallstone diet take a few weeks for your body changed if you have diarrhea, bloating and gas if you eat fatty foods, don’t not try to eat much fat at one meal. High fat food and fatty food can cause painful and discomfort symptoms.

Some foods to avoid in gallstone diet:

High fat food include:

Skin of turkey or chicken
Meat gravies
Oils like coconut oil and palm
Fried food like potato chips and French fries
Food which are made with butter or lard
Sauces or creamy soups
High fat meats like bologna, ground beef, ribs, bacon and sausage
High fat dairy products like whole milk, sour cream, ice cream and cheese.

High fiber and gas producing foods is also the reason for people discomfort after gallbladder surgery and if you may eat to introduce them back in your diet these include

Whole grain breads
Brussels sprouts
Skim fat off top of stews and casseroles
Eat low fat yogurt, herbs and lemon juice.
If you are cooking meat in sticking pan then you should add very little amount of water drop instead of adding more oil
Try to use oil in food when needed
Remove all fat and skin from me and choose leaner cuts of meat

Other healthy foods for gallbladder diet

Plenty of fruits and vegetables: eat at least five portion per day
Drink plenty of fluid: drink at least two liters per day like water or herbal teas.
Plenty of starchy carbohydrates: it includes rice, pasta, potatoes, cereals, chapattis, plantain and bread.
Dairy products and some milk: select low fat dairy products (2 to 3 portions per day)

You should may sure that your diet should be high in fibre. It can be found in fruit, pulses, beans, oats, and fruits and vegetables. Many spicy foods also the main cause of gastrointestinal symptoms for a short time. These will help you to devising the diet plan after you have surgery. There are many processed foods which are low in fat and have high amounts of sugar. Before buying the high sugar products always check the label and always choose the minimum. A product who have more than 10g of sugar per 100 g will be considered high sugar. If your product is low fat then it means that product contains 3 g or some of fat as per 100 g which is considered low fat.

By : Natural Health News

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