When Should You Not Exercise If You Are Pregnant?

One has to be extremely careful in choosing the exercise routine when they are carrying a baby i.e. pregnant. There are a number of reasons why you should not be exercising during pregnancy but the following issues are so severe that you strictly shouldn’t get involved in any exercising routine of any sort. Situations when you

should not exercise include:

  1.     Toxemia
    Why? Because exercise can worsen it!
  2.     Vaginal bleeding
    Why?To avoid uterine cramps!
  3.     Placenta previa
    Why? Because you are at high risk of haemorrhage!
  4.     History of pre-term labour
    Why? Because exercise can augment or initiate uterine contractions!
  5.     Intra-uterine growth retardation
    Why? Because exercise can shift the blood flow away from placentra so it should be avoided in all cases of Intra-uterine growth retardation!
  6.     Multiple pregnancy
    Why? Because it can raise and splint the diaphragm even more than usual!
  7.     Heart disease
    Why? Because exercises increases the strain on heart putting you at higher risk of heart attack!
  8.     Premature rupture of membranes
    Why? Because it can put you at high risk of leakage or even burst of water bag.
  9.     Incompetent cervix or circlage
    Why? Because it is a condition where the mouth of the uterus is so weak that baby can slip out after the first trimester so to treat this condition they put a strengthening stitch or circlage on the cervix which calls for a total bed rest and zero exercise.
  10.     Chronic hypertension
    Why? Because exerting your self can lead to high blood pressure!
  11.     Active thyroid, diabetes or lung disease
    Why? Because it can cause so many adverse effects!

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