Lawn Fever In Pakistan

The topic must have caught almost every woman’s attention! Why not?

Lawn season in Pakistan every year is a really happening one filled with several emotions altogether for a woman. These emotions include stress of pre-booking, anger of not being able to pre-book, frustration of standing in a queue to pre-book a dress they have been dying over and smiles full of delight if they are able to get their hands on the one they really wanted.

These are all the emotions of a woman our designers play with 😉

Every year we see designers emerging in the fashion industry of Pakistan which is, of course, a very good thing because that is shifting the focus from only one or two major designers to a variety now. Pakistan is full of talent which is emerging every year and thanks to social media for creating awareness in our public. The concept of lawn (summer fabric in Pakistan) has totally changed from the rolls of printed fabric to the dresses that come in nice packets including all accessories to give it a designer touch. A simple lawn fabric is not a summer fabric anymore; it has become a symbol of elite now. If you are not wearing a designer lawn dress you are looked upon as a cave woman who has no basic fashion sense.

No doubt these dresses look pretty and save you from the hassle of spending hours thinking about designing a simple cloth and taking all the stress of tailor not living up to your expectations in terms of designing how you wanted.

Initially, when these designer lawn dresses came in the market about 6 to 7 years back they were considered really expensive. All those who used to say they are never buying a simple lawn dress for such and such amount have also given into the temptation of picking a packet, giving it to the tailor as it is with all accessories and pictures included just to get a final thing ready with a touch of designer aesthetics and all this without the hassle of self-designing.

I personally did this too!

The bad part of this whole lawn mania is the WAR which these designers have initiated by starting a trend of online pre-booking without looking at the display (hear me out on this here).

There are some amazing designers who did a collab with these top-notch textile companies and came up with some irresistible designs for their audience. To read up on all those designers who participated in 2016 check with our Fashion by clicking here.

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