Recommended Breathing Exercises During Labour Pain!

There are different types of breathing generally and we will discuss here some of the types that are great for a pregnant woman in the third trimester.

Relaxed Breathing

A smooth, deep breath through the nose is called deep breathing and it helps a lot in relaxing a person mentally. Once you inhale it through the nose it is then exhaled through the mouth. The relaxing breath should be done at the beginning and the end of every contraction. In between, during the contraction, practice your breathing pattern. Focus on some object and make it a focal point during the pain, or close your eyes and mentally focus on a pleasing thought.

Slow-Paced Breathing

Slow paced breathing is usually done for a longer period of time or at least as long as you possibly can during labour. You need to:

  •     Take a relaxing breath
  •     Breathe slowly, at half your normal rate
  •     Focus on your focal point while you are breathing
  •     Repeat the relaxing breath at the end of the pain

Modified Paced Breathing

This should be done when slow-paced breathing no longer gives you comfort. Here is what you need to do then:

  •     Take a relaxing breath
  •     Breathe faster
  •     Concentrate on your focal point
  •     Repeat the relaxing breath
  •     Rebreathe in your cupped hand if you are hyper ventilating because this will slow down your respiratory rate by increasing the carbon dioxide content of the inhaled air

Patterned-Pace Breathing

This should be done when modified paced breathing is no longer effective, usually towards the end labour during strong contractions. Here is what you need to do:

  •     Take a relaxing breath
  •     Take three or four shallow breaths, then blow out (as if you are blowing out a candle) with pursed lips
  •     Repeat the relaxing breath

If, for example you feel the urge to push but your doctor says it’s too early to do so then blow out repeatedly and forcefully through the mouth till the urge passes.  You cannot bear down effectively while you are blowing out.

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