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What You Need To Know When Putting On Eyeliner?

What is the actual purpose of eyeliner?

Eyeliner is basically used to elongate your eye shape, to thicken and enhance the lash line and to add definition to droopy eyes.

What violations do women make when putting on eyeliner and how to correct them?

Violation no. 1

Gap between your eyelashes the liner where your skin is showing between your eyeliner and your lash line.


  •     Always tightline by applying kohl pencil to inside of your upper lash line by lifting up your lid
  •     Put your liner as close to your lashline as you possibly can in small strokes

Violation no. 2

Outlining your entire eye shape with a dark black eyeliner


  •     Apply a thin layer of liquid eyeliner and smudge it with a smudging brush
  •     Don’t forget to add a bit of black powder (eyeshade) on the smudging brush before you start smudging

Violation no. 3

Applying liner of the lower lash line and leaving the rest of the eye blank

actual purpose of eyeliner


  •     Add a bit of color on the eyelid, a thin layer of eyeliner on top
  •     Instead of layering your bottom line with a dense black liquid liner, apply a bit of black eyeshade underneath

Violation no. 4

Applying liquid eyeliner at the bottom of your eye


  •     Applying liquid liner on lower lashline can cause it to bleed and spread everywhere
  •     Ideal situation is to smudge a bit of kohl with black or brown or any eyeshade of your choice but make sure you smudge well

Violation no.5

Uneven sloppy wing


  •     Start winging from the outer corner of your eye towards the top in a slanted motion
  •     Connect your liner from the outer tip of your wing towards the top of your lid bringing it down towards the inner corner

That’s about it! These are some of the things you need to keep in mind while applying eyeliner. You cannot go wrong with your eyeliner because people notice that a lot. You have to be very precise when it comes to eyeliner application and it has to be fool proof always. Practice is extremely important when it comes to mastering your eyeliner techniques. Once you can make an even wing, you are good to go to create graphic wings and different eyeliner shapes.





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