What is Protein Shake Diet and How does it Work?

Protein shakes is made up of protein powder like as protein have not only low calories and fat but it also serves a lot of nutrition for a balance diet. Protein diet shake can make possible limit your meal intake to 200 calories due to which you can have healthy weight loss. Protein shake is necessary for women’s Diet Plans but that are not for everyone because if you are already getting protein by whole foods then you do not need for taking supplement with shakes especially those shakes which are high in sugar. Excess of protein can be prove dangerous because it can create health problems like kidney, heart problems nutrient deficiencies and diverticulitis. When you add protein in your diet then there will also add calories which can increase your weight. Try to drink protein which is mixed with milk or water. Protein powder which dissolves in milk easily.

Most of the protein powder which is used for making protein shakes mixed with water. Remember that all protein shakes are not equal some are higher in sugar and some are low. Protein shake diet can help you to reduce daily calories by replacing your meal and also helpful for weight loss. But when you eat solid diet then you have again weight gain but if drink only protein shakes by replace your meal then you can’t get the nutritional benefits of whole foods. Adults need about 46 to 56 grams of protein per day. As we know that protein have calories also and drinking too much shakes you can’t lose your weight. Especially when if you are only drinking protein shakes and not make regular exercising. If you don’t eat that foods which are rich in protein then protein shake diet can helpful for getting nutrients.

Delicious protein shake diet by replacing a meal

Replacing your meals with protein shake cut back between 500 calories to 600 calories in a piece of cake. When you are on diet then try to avoid overeating. Food should be chew slowly and properly. Drink protein shake before your meal can prevent you by overeating.  By drinking protein shake yon can reduce the fatty foods and fish in your meal. There are many ways to the protein shake diet like drinking protein smoothies can be placed to meal and add more protein to your meal.


There are many different type of recipes and products which help to follow the plan. The protein shake gives you about 800 calories in a day.Following given recipe can also helpful for making protein shake.

Pomegranate blueberry protein shake


1 serving vanilla protein powder
½ C. chilled pomegranate juice
½ C frozen blueberries
8 oz. unsweetened almond milk
Handful of ice to thicken


Take all ingredients and put all in bladder and when it get smooth, now add ice as you need for thicken.

By : Natural Health News

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