500 Calorie Diet Plan

500 calorie diet plan is a very dangerous kind of diet plan and is not prescribed for all individuals no matter how overweight you are and how urgent it is to lose weight for you. In case there is a medical emergency you can definitely go for this much reduction in your calorie count but that too, under the supervision of a medical expert. Your medical professional will decide if you would be able to follow this diet plan without facing any health hazards. You need to get some tests done in order to be sure that this plan won’t deteriorate your health further if you are already sick and want to lose weight because of your sickness.

Obesity itself is a sickness and has to be treated so doctors when see that a certain individual is about to get some serious heart issue or any other health problem they tell their patients to go on a strict diet plan and exercise regularly. There are some patients who cannot exercise due to various reasons, for them, 500 calorie diet plan is an ideal choice but then again once their tests have been done and their doctor has given an approval.

Do not attempt to follow 500 calorie diet plan if you are not obese. Also don’t attempt without the supervision of an expert. In case you decide to follow this diet plan there is something good about it and that is you can eat anything you want but staying in the limit which shouldn’t exceed 500 calories. You can eat fruits, vegetables, fattening stuff but the calorie count should not go above 500. You can incorporate healthy foods so that you don’t deprive yourself of essential nutrients but then once again divide them in a manner that you don’t starve yourself and your full calorie count for the day also stays within the limit.

By : Natural Health News

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