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Waxing At Home Do’s & Don’ts – How To Make Waxing At Home Mess-Free?


  •  Always scrub your body one day before waxing.
  •  Clean your skin completely prior to waxing.
  •  Touch the wax first to see if it’s hot enough to not burn your skin.
  •  Take off all your clothes before starting the session so that you don’t end up dropping the wax on them. (Your shower cabin is the ideal place because from there you can straight away go for shower).
  •  Use kitchen gloves to protect your hands from getting sticky which can obstruct the whole waxing experience. (Do not use gloves again in Kitchen. Keep them for waxing purpose only).
  •  Cut strips to pull the hair off beforehand to avoid the hassle.
  •  Use after wax lotions to remove Rica liposoluble wax or any other wax you use for that matter.
  •  Use Olive Oil or Johnson’s baby oil to massage your skin after you get done with waxing to remove the sticky residue which can be a nuisance to wash off. Soap & Glory body scrub works wonders too. (Use their flake away or breakfast scrub).


  •  Do not scrub on the day you plan to wax or after it. Doing it on the same day or after waxing can make your skin sensitive and can cause damage.
  •  Don’t keep the heater turned on to consistently heat the wax as suddenly it can get overheated and burn your skin. Keep switching off after short intervals.
  •  Don’t wax bikini area on your own unless you are an expert.
  •  Don’t use the same strips over and over again as it can rip the skin off.
  •  Don’t let your skin loose while pulling off the strip.

That’s It For Now!

For a perfect spa experience light scented candles in your bathroom and play soft music. Have a happy at home spa level waxing experience just by following these simple rules!


By : Natural Health News

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