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How Dry Skin Can Cause Acne Too ?

Hello beauties!

I will explain here how dry skin can cause acne as well. Let’s begin!
Let’s do some myth busting first!

Common Myth/Belief:  People with dry skin don’t have acne at all.

Wrong! Absolutely Wrong!

You must have heard people telling you or your instinct telling you that if you are suffering from acne then use products on your face which are matte and have the tendency to draw out all oil from within the pores.

My Advice: DO NOT DO THIS.

Have mercy on your skin! Do not take all the moisture out of your skin. You will just end up being in a mess. An immense mess!

What Really Happens When You Use Products That Draw Out Excess Oil From Your Skin?

When you use products made for real oily skin on normal skin thinking that the acne you have is because of excess oil what really happens is that you leave your skin dead and dry which yearns for some moisture. In order to fulfill that craving your skin produces more oil so what happened here? The sebum production in the skin did not stop but you made your skin super dry by drawing out the required oil from it. It then defended by producing more oil and then you know what happened after this. MORE ACNE!!!
Also dry skin means damaged skin which can give way to bacteria, fungi and a lot of other infection causing germs and then you know here too that what is gonna be the end result? MORE & MORE ACNE!
Here’s a demonstration of what you do to your skin when you use products that draw out oil from your skin.

You do this to your skin!
Your skin gets like this plant. It’s dead! All sorts of bacteria and microbes are going to thrive on it and eat what is now left in this plant. Same goes for your skin. Your skin gets more sensitive when you dry it up.
Hope this has made things a little clear on why should you take care of dry skin equally and not use products that draw out oil from your skin.

You Must Be Thinking! Oh- So What Now?

Here is what you should do now…
Always use a good moisturizer on your skin even if it is oily. That is how you are going to trick your skin by sending it a signal that there is already enough oil on the surface that it doesn’t really need to produce more. For oily skin types it is highly recommended that you go for gel or water-based moisturizers which are oil free and for dry skin type, oil based moisturizers are what you really need and for normal skin types try to stay in the middle by using gel or water based moisturizers along with oil based moisturizers on alternate days.
In future we will recommend some products after a thorough research on what products to use for which skin type?
Stay tuned!


By : Natural Health News

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