Various Types Of Stretches Part I

Here we have compiled some types of developmental stretches that you can do post workout.

Let’s first know what are developmental stretches?

When you hold a stretch for 20-25 seconds. This basically causes the muscle fibres to lengthen and is known as a developmental stretch.

Types of Developmental Stretches

Type 1.

Neck Stretch

Muscles worked: Neck

  •     Begin in the basic position. You can also do it while sitting down
  •     Slowly tilt your left ear towards your left shoulder as far as it will go
  •     Do not lift the shoulder at this point
  •     Hold the stretch
  •     Return to starting position
  •     Repeat the same on your right side

Various Types Of Stretches

Type 2.

Overhead Stretch

Muscles worked: Deltoids, back and obliques

  •     Begin from your basic position where you are comfortable
  •     Raise your arms as far up as possible, keeping the palms facing forward
  •     Cross your waist and place your palms together
  •     Keep your head up and look forward
  •     Hold the stretch
  •     Repeat, with the wrists crossed in the opposite direction

Various Types Of Stretches

Type 3.

Triceps Stretch

Muscles worked: Triceps

  •     Begin from your basic position where you are comfortable
  •     Raise your left arm, bending it at the elbow
  •     Lower your hand between your shoulder blades, keeping it close to the body
  •     Place your right hand on the left elbow
  •     Using your right hand, gently ease the left elbow as far down midline of the body possible
  •     Hold the stretch
  •     Repeat, reversing hands

Various Types Of Stretches

Type 4.

Chest Raise

Muscles worked: Pectorals

  •     Lie face down with your hands interlocked and resting on your  buttocks
  •     Slowly raise your arms till you feel tension in your chest
  •     Hold the stretch

These are some of the basic stretches that you can perform to make your body flexible after your workout. Don’t overdo any of these stretches. Just do them at a comfortable level every day post workout and that’s all you need to feel better and relaxed.


By : Natural Health News

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