Various Types Of Stretches Part I

Here we have compiled some types of developmental stretches that you can do post workout.

Let’s first know what are developmental stretches?

When you hold a stretch for 20-25 seconds. This basically causes the muscle fibres to lengthen and is known as a developmental stretch.

Types of Developmental Stretches

Type 1.

Neck Stretch

Muscles worked: Neck

Type 2.

Overhead Stretch

Muscles worked: Deltoids, back and obliques

Type 3.

Triceps Stretch

Muscles worked: Triceps

Type 4.

Chest Raise

Muscles worked: Pectorals

These are some of the basic stretches that you can perform to make your body flexible after your workout. Don’t overdo any of these stretches. Just do them at a comfortable level every day post workout and that’s all you need to feel better and relaxed.


By : Natural Health News

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