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Thinking Of Skipping Exercise To Reply On Diet For Weight Loss? Read This!

A lot of people find it easier to just starve themselves instead of hitting gym or opting out a workout plan but is this what you should be doing to lose weight?
The experts say NO to this and they present reasons to justify their refusal on this issue. The first and foremost reason they put forward is the lethargy, fatigue and lack of energy that comes with diet alone. If you don’t exercise and rely solely on diet, you would be depriving your body of essential nutrition which can keep your body active and healthy throughout the day. If you choose to skip workout and go in the starvation mode you end up being lethargic, irritated and frustrated during your diet days.

People find it difficult to communicate with you because of your short temper that emerges as a result of starvation.
In order to avoid all these issues experts recommend balancing your diet instead of completely starving yourself and cut down your calories by burning them. Diet control can definitely make you lose weight but it would never provide you the energy and the willpower to continue doing it. You would at some point give up and wouldn’t be able to hit your goals.


Why should you not starve and incorporate exercise in your weight loss regimen?

You shouldn’t starve because starvation basically lowers your metabolism, so you end up burning calories at a slower rate than you would otherwise do with a workout plan. Exercise basically speeds up your metabolism and you burn calories faster which can lead to faster weight loss and you don’t hit a plateau too soon. Exercise helps you reach your weight loss goals faster than the diet alone. Diet alone shows results as long as it lasts and once you leave it, you gain back all the weight within a very short span of time. Normally people who are slightly overweight but workout regularly are more fit and active than those who fall in the normal weight range but don’t exercise.

Hope this has made some sense and has pushed you a tad bit to start your workout plan if you are planning on losing weight faster, with results that are there to stay for a while.

Have fun shedding those few extra pounds but, with a proper workout Diet plan!

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