Experiencing Hair fall? Can Be A Result Of Vitamin D Deficiency !

The very first thing we do when we experience hair fall is to go for several home remedies, shampoos, oils, commercially available anti hair fall products and so much more.  It is until after months of failed attempts and zero results we realize that it can be due to an underlying condition. This underlying condition usually can be deficiency of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is known for strengthening bones and keeping skin healthy. It has recently emerged through research that it can also play an immense role in promoting hair growth.

A 2012 study in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine suggests that the vitamin can help create new follicles — little pores where new hair can grow.

Vitamin D activates hair follicles that get dormant over a period of time. It is however, not guaranteed that even after taking vitamin D and activating hair follicles you will surely witness hair growth. There are still chances that hair won’t produce even after overcoming vitamin D deficiency but mostly this deficiency is known to be the cause of hair fall. Next time, you experience hair fall make sure that you get your vitamin D levels checked before jumping onto thousand different treatment options and making your hair fall situation even worse.

Recommended Daily Intake

  •     600 international units OR
  •     15 micrograms

Natural Sources of Vitamin D

  •     Fish (salmon, swordfish)
  •     Mushrooms
  •     Grains
  •     Fortified orange juice
  •     Low-fat fortified milk
  •     Direct, but controlled contact with sun


Over ingestion of vitamin D can lead to excessive build up in fat tissues at dangerous levels. If you exceed daily recommended intake it can lead to reserves of calcium in your blood leading to kidney problems and fatigue.


If you opt for vitamin D supplements just be sure to take it with a meal that has fats in it so it can easily get absorbed without causing any adverse effects.

By : Natural Health News

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