Some Important Healthy Diet to Satisfy Your Body Function

Healthy diet means used the right quantities of foods for a healthy life. Healthy Diet is mostly referred for weight loss. Simple diet means which food we should eat in 24 hour, one week and in a month. A best diet is full of nutritional lifestyle which promotes good health. Healthy diet has many foods because one single group did not gives you everything which you want for living well being. Crucial part is a balanced diet by healthy Diet Plans. There are main and important food groups like fat and sugar, protein, wholegrain, vegetables and fruit and dairy.

Fruits and Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables which are high in fiber, mineral and vitamin. These nutrients are best for your body function. Fruits and vegetables protect you from many diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. They should be fresh, canned and frozen. One large fruit like mango, banana or apple or three heaped spoons of vegetables. It can also include the one glass of 100% vegetables or fruit juice.


Legumes are called plants in the pea family which produced pods and slit open naturally with a seam and revealing seeds. It also help to improve glycemic control

Following are some common legumes which are eaten

Clover, soy, peas, peanuts, lupins, lentils, carob, alfafa, beans, mesquite,


We all need protein for the repairing of tissue and build them in our body. Protein rich foods have also essential minerals like B vitamins, zinc, iron and magnesium. Following are some food which are best source of protein like Fish, eggs, beans, nuts, poultry, soya, quorn and meat. It is best for your health to roast, grill and microwave fish and meat instead of frying them. Many vegan who don’t consume food from animal sources, so they can get their protein from seeds, beans, nuts and quorn.

Dairy Products:

Butter, eggs are mostly known as dairy products for nutrition.  Dairy product are good source of calcium which is essential for your teeth and healthy bones.

Dairy products like cheese, yogurts, milk and some soya.  Many people who don’t eat animal sourced foods like calcium intake from products like cabbage, soya milk, broccoli, yogurts have calcium.

Sugars and Fats:

Sugars and fats include biscuits, jam, cakes, chocolates, non-diet sodas, margarines, sugar and mayonnaise. These all have very high sugar and fat. There are two types of fats unsaturated and saturated. Fried foods, cream and margarine are called high saturated fats, while others like oily fish and vegetables oils are rich in unsaturated fats. Saturated fats increase the risk of heart disease. Sugary drink and foods like sweets and sodas should consumed minimum because they have high calories and also not best for your teeth.


Wholegrain products like pastas, cereals and bread because make with 100% wholegrain. Whole grain foods 100% whole wheat, bugler, corn, wild rice, buckwheat and Spelt.

By : Natural Health News

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