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Easy Makeup Ideas Within 5 Minutes For Busy Working Women

Do you want to look your perfect daily but have totally no time for make up? Busy working women or struggling moms, we get it difficult to spend too much on perfect makeup. We find ourselves quickly smearing on foundation or dabbing on lip stick that we don’t favor just to get the job done. Following are some simple and Easy Makeup Ideas within 5 Minutes to do the ideal makeup.

Concealer for 1 minute

Give yourself the perfect makeup by concealing your eyes. After using an applicator brush, touch on the skin near the eyes using your fingertips to cover the area required.

Foundation for 1 minute

Apply foundation on your skin with brush or finger. Apply equally to give a complete look on the face. Applying foundation is quick and easy.

Cream Shadow for 30 seconds

One of the best makeup tricks to do up your eyes wonderfully is to apply cream shadow. Apply cream shadow with your fingertips all over eyelid. You can select any color that suits your skin tone.

Blush for 30 seconds

Since time is a restraint, use a cream blush that is simple to apply using fingertips or a brush. Make sure you mix in the color evenly.

Lipstick for 1 minute

Lipstick is a different art and when done in specify requires a lot of time and try. You can achieve an easy but graceful look by keeping it simple. Pick the exact shade of lipstick with a shine to make your lips stand out.

By : Natural Health News

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