Some Important Facts of Dieting Which Makes You Healthier

Dieting is the practice for eating food in a regular and supervised fashion for decrease, increase body weight or maintain. It also restrict or control on diet. Many people diet for different reasons. Some people have unhealthy weight and they need to pay attention on their exercise and eating habits. Many people play sports and want top in physical condition. Many people think that in this way they will feel better and also weight loss. Some people diet because they want to look in a certain way. Many actors and actress are thin but it looks is unrealistic for many people. Mostly teen girls have body changes which is natural or necessary. Diet Plans which you eat some calories which you need in whole day.

Dieting which don’t allow any fat which can bad for you. Everyone person need many amount of fat in diet about 30% of total calories and every person need to eat fat free diet. You will not get minerals and vitamin which you need. Many people start dieting, the reason is that all the problems are due to weight. People who are on dieting and they also get successful for weight loss they hot many praise and compliments from family and friends. Which make them happy. Dieting can be difficult, especially those food which you don’t like is not easy. When you are in teen age, dieting can be prove dangerous because you do not get the right choice of nutrients, which can give you many health problems and poor growth. Healthy eating snacks and meals which is combine with reasonable amounts of exercise. Regular exercise can also helpful to feel you healthier. Crash dieting can make you feel unhealthy and make you unable to work properly in whole day.

Some ways for your good health

If you want to change you eating habits then you should follow given tips which will not allow you for dieting
Eat whole grain like pasta, bread which give you iron, vitamin and fiber B
Drink plenty of water
Make a habit of regular exercise
Drink low fat milk or fat free.
Try to avoid diet pills.
Don’t skip breakfast because a healthy breakfast can give you best energy for whole day.
Replace cream with low fat yogurt
Vinegar and mustard with few calories.
Try ginger, wasabi, honey, herb, fruit flavored and use them instead of oil.
Salmon is oily fish and it is incredibly healthy and very satisfying.
Beans and legumes are also beneficial for your weight loss.

If your dieting gets out of control then you have face following some problems like

Fear of food
Vomiting after meals
Eating in secret
Physical changes like dizziness, headaches or weakness
Wear baggy clothes to hide thinness
Bad school performance
Continue dieting with fear weight gain again

By : Natural Health News

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