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Say Goodbye To Dry & Damaged Hair! Read More To Find Out How!

Milk is considered one of the super foods to promote hair growth. You can drink a glass of it in the morning or even use it as a hair mask. Here is a recipe to make a mask for dry and damaged hair:

What do you need?

  •     Milk
  •     Banana
  •     Honey
  •     Olive Oil

How much quantity do you require?

  •     Milk – 3 tablespoon
  •     Banana – 1/2
  •     Honey – 1 tablespoon
  •     Olive Oil – 1 tablespoon

Hair mask









How do you make the mask?

  1.     Mix all the ingredients together
  2.     Add the mixture to a blender and make a smoothie
  3.     Apply this raw milk and banana smoothie evenly on your hair
  4.     Let it sit for 1 hour at least
  5.     Wash with warm water or cold as per your choice but avoid using extra hot water

Points to Remember

  •     Avoid using extra hot water
  •     Let your hair dry naturally
  •     Do not use hot dryer or any hot tools for hair styling for more than once or twice a week
  •     Do not use conditioner if you are not going anywhere

By : Natural Health News

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