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Remember These Things When You Are On A Diet!

Yes, we all tend to forget the importance of healthy eating when we have weight loss on our mind. I personally do this a lot and tend to follow crash diet plans just to shed those ugly pounds off my body. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are planning on losing weight.

  •     Try to prepare your own lunch for work because when you don’t, you end up eating out (happens to me a lot).
  •     Sleep early because if you stay up late you would end up eating more calories in one particular day.
  •     Set your timetable for you breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner so that you don’t nibble randomly throughout the day.
  •     Always put your food in your plate instead of eating in the bag you bring it home in because that might make you eat more without even realizing.
  •     Have snacks during your meals so that you feel fuller throughout the day
  •     Drink one big glass of water at the start of your meal. Don’t forget this because I always do!
  •     Don’t have heavy lunch and dinner on the same day. If you ended up having one heavy lunch then it’s ok to have less for dinner. (Don’t indulge in guilt eating).


  •     Shift your focus from what you can’t eat during your diet days to what you can eat and how you can make it tasty and healthy.
  •     Don’t buy your favorite food items when there is a party at home.
  •     Prepare foods that are slow to eat because the slower you eat the lesser calories you would consume.
  •     Chew sugarless gum throughout the day because  of two reasons:
    It can help you tone down your face
    It can help you avoid the unusual nibbles
  •     Keep a treadmill at home or any exercise equipment that you need in your life and get onto it while you are listening to your favorite music before calling it a night.
  •     Eat more fruits and vegetables because they will keep you fuller and will also take care of your health.
  •     Once you are done with the dinner party at home, try to give away the leftover desserts or other yummy foods to departing guests 😉

So, that’s it for now. Print it and paste it in your room somewhere so that you remember it all.




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