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Golden Rules Of Diet

A lot of people just randomly start dieting to lose weight without and go to extremes of starvation just to shed those extra pounds not knowing how destructive it is for their body in the long run. Here are some golden rules of diet that you need to bear in mind when you start planning you dieting regimen to hit your weight loss goal in a healthy manner. These golden rules include:

  •     Never skip meals because when you get hungry due to starvation you end up making some unhealthy choices unintentionally.
  •     Do not go on a crash diet or even a mild diet when you are under a lot of stress and work pressure.
  •     Do not attempt to lose more than 1 to 2.5 pounds per week.
  •     Incorporate a daily 30 minute exercise regimen into your weight loss routine.
  •     Never eat less than your recommended caloric intake because that can slow down your metabolism
  •     Do not rely on diet alone for a perfectly toned figure because that cannot be achieved without a proper exercise routine.
  •     In case of slip up don’t overeat in regret. You can stop whenever you want because it’s all in your control so don’t come up with an excuse that you couldn’t. That’s all psychological – in your head.


  •     Focus on portion control instead of totally eliminating the food categories from your diet plan.
  •     Try to have a proper healthy breakfast in the morning because that way you can tend to eat less during the day which will help you save a few calories.
  •     Add more protein to your breakfast because that way you will feel fuller throughout the day.
  •     Eat slowly and while you do it, try to chew every bite instead of swallowing the entire bite in one go.
  •     Don’t eat while you are watching TV or your favorite show on computer because you might end up consuming more food than you actually need to.
  •     Avoid bringing foods at home that you absolutely love such as chocolate brownies, cookies cold drinks etc.

Hope you will follow these golden rules of diet and get some benefit out it. Enjoy!




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