Reasons Why Gluten Is Bad For You!

Hello people!

Here are some of the reasons why gluten has been labeled as “bad” for some of you:

–    Celiac Disease is on the rise and a lot of people are not diagnosed yet but the actual culprit is gluten
–    It can cause serious sensitivity which can lead to serious consequences
–    It can also cause adverse effects in people who are not even gluten sensitive
–    Many brain disorders are linked to gluten and people see marked improvement when they go on a gluten free diet
–    Wheat gluten causes massive addiction
–    Gluten causes autoimmune diseases

So, these are some of the reasons why gluten is bad for you. People who are gluten intolerant and those who are not should be very careful in making the food choices. It is important that you follow a proper gluten free diet plan if your allergy to gluten has been proved. In case, you are not allergic to gluten that is good news but still you need to take only a limited amount of foods that are rich in gluten. In either case watch out your gluten intake!

It is also advised that you plan your meals where you divide everything equally on all days of the week. If you have some medical issue, making a proper meal plan where carbs, proteins, vitamins, gluten etc. are dispersed proportionately can actually help you recover faster. You can follow this even if you are medically fit and have no issue so far. Planning your meal properly can help you stay more fit and healthy.

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