Lemon Detox Diet Plan

What is Lemon Detox Diet?

Lemon detox diet is a 10 day detox plan which involves a strict intake of only liquid diet of lemon, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Doing it for long periods of time can cause severe hydration so make sure that you do it no more than 10 days. You can prepare lemon detox water by using the ingredients mentioned above and have it every time you feel hungry.

How Do You Prepare Lemon Detox Water?

Here is a detailed recipe on how you can make lemon detox water:

  •     Take 2 tbsp Grade B maple syrup (make sure it is not artificially flavored)
  •     Add 1/10 TSP of cayenne pepper in powder form in 8oz. hot water (purified or spring, not distilled)
  •     Molasses and Agave Nectar are a substitute for B grade maple syrup if you are unable to find it
  •     Mix everything together to prepare lemon detox water!

Are There Any Dietary Restrictions While Being On Lemon Detox Diet?

There are some restrictions that you need to keep in mind while you are following Lemon Detox Diet: These typically include:

  •     Don’t have solid foods when you following Lemon Detox Diet plan
  •     Avoid having processed foods
  •     Maintain the diet for 10 days straight to get the best results
  •     You cannot have any other fruits except lemons
  •     Don’t have only lemons in solid form instead have them as a lemonade in the form of liquid
  •     You can add mint tea or peppermint teas as part of your detox process
  •     Avoid taking any supplements
  •     Limit your caffeine intake

So, that’s about it! Follow this plan along with the limitations and you will see results at the end of the said period which is 10 days normally.

By : Natural Health News

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