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Reasons Why Almonds Are Good For Your Skin

Almonds are one of the healthiest food that you can eat to munch those healthy carbs with so many health benefits. Almonds are really amazing for the overall health of your skin. Almonds are packed with the so many properties which are in return great for keeping your skin glowing and healthy. Here are the reasons why almonds are good for you and your skin:

Almonds Contain Antioxidants

When plants are left out in the elements, they have to protect themselves, so they produce phenols, protective chemicals that serve as antioxidants to repair sun damage or produce a bitter taste to dissuade bugs from eating them. These plant phenols also help protect people against diseases including heart disease and certain cancers. They also offer protection when applied to skin.

Almonds Contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids

In the diet, omega-3 acids help regulate blood sugars, reduce blood pressure, help reduce body fat, maintain muscle mass, support the immune system and increase energy levels and skin radiance. Your body can’t make these essential fatty acids and, after walnuts, almonds are the best nut source, so keep them on your desk or kitchen bench.

Almonds Contain Protein

This is the building block of skin and almonds are a particularly rich source.

Almonds Are Good For Your Skin

Almonds contain Vitamin E

A strong antioxidant which also helps the oil last for longer without preservatives.

Almonds Contain Magnesium

In addition to helping cells produce energy and protein, magnesium is believed to counter the effects of stress hormones, which can make you age faster and exacerbate acne.

Almonds Contain Calcium

This mineral helps your cells to absorb nutrients.
So, what are you thinking? Get up and munch some almonds right now and make it a routine to achieve healthy and glowing skin without using too many skin care products.


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