Pancreatitis Diet – Some Information To Share

What Is Pancreatitis Diet?

Pancreatitis diet is the kind of diet which is recommended for people with inflammation of pancreas. Pancreatitis is a disease which causes inflammation of the pancreases and results in nausea, pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting and fever. It is basically a low-fat diet and low-fat means as low in fat as you can possibly handle. Our body needs a certain amount of fats but this diet has been tailored to provide you the fats that your inflamed pancreas can handle. Pancreatitis diet has to be taken very seriously and you cannot play with it like you do otherwise with most of the diets. You have to be really careful in choosing the foods with a certain fat content and see whether or not your pancreas can handle those fats.

What Does The Pancreatitis Diet Include?

Pancreatitis diet includes bowel rest for few days which means no food or liquid intake by mouth. Fluids are provided to the patients intravenously in the hospital under careful supervision of medical professionals in extreme cases. You can slowly advance to oral intake by incorporating clear fluids and light soups in your daily diet. Just make sure that you control the fat content as much as you possibly can.

What Is The Fat Intake Limit While Being On Pancreatitis Diet?

It is suggested that you take about 20 grams of fat per day strictly and even lesser in some cases. Have more frequent meals and try to have carbs in those meals but in lesser quantity so that you don’t feel low on energy. If in case your pancreatitis flares up, it is advised by medical experts that you once again go on bowel rest for about a day or two. Just make sure that you take enough fluids in your pancreatitis so that you don’t get dehydrated.

What Are Some NO-Nos Of Pancreatitis Diet?

Here are some no-nos while you are on pancreatitis diet:

  •     Alcohol – NO
  •     Foods rich in fat – NO
  •     Starvation – NO
  •     Online diet plans without medical supervision – NO
  •     Self-created diet plans – NO

What Foods To Avoid While Being On Pancreatitis Diet?

Here is a list of some foods you need to avoid while being on pancreatitis diet:

  •     Greasy or oily foods
  •     Rich dairy products
  •     Cream of any sort
  •     All types of meat including lamb, pork, duck, chicken, red meat etc.
  •     Nuts
  •     Peanut butter
  •     Egg yolk
  •     Salad dressings
  •     Coconut
  •     Mayo
  •     Trans fats such as palm oil, coconut oil or hydrogenated oils

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