Online Pre-Booking On Lawn Fabric Should Stop In Pakistan!

If on one hand we love these designer lawn collections that come every year, we on the other hand have started to abhor this online pre-booking trend which has to stop for several reasons. This “WAR” of pre-booking which these designers have initiated in the public has caused massive frustration amongst the audience. Yes, the social media has taken over the world but even today, I personally believe a dress should never be bought online be it stitched or unstitched. You need to first see the quality of the fabric, the color, and design in reality. Pictures can be really deceiving at times because they are taken in a different lighting and then on top of that to make the model look flawless a lot of Photoshop disturbs the actual image of the fabric.

Let’s suppose, even if a designer decides to offer online pre-booking (because that’s what suits them best) the least they can do is check the picture quality closely if it matches with the actual dress or it doesn’t. How can you be so irresponsible and let the pictures go out like that even when they are not matching the actual fabric. We are not blaming the designers for deceiving the audience because at the end of the day they have no control over the technology that captures and edits the images. In case they have tried hard and they still can’t get the pictures exactly the same as the actual dress what they can do is put those dresses on display and then take pre-booking. Let the audience see the fabric first and then take pre-booking if that is what suits them.

It is a request to our public to resist the temptation of pre-booking a dress that you have never seen in reality. Where you have gone through a wait period of months can’t you just wait for a few more days for the actual launch or at least a display launch so that you can see the collection with your own eyes?
What really happens during this pre-booking madness is that you feel compelled to buy the ones that you initially didn’t even like. Why? Because of all the hype that this pre-booking creates! What these designers do is that they put limited pieces of the hot selling ones, tag them out of stock so that the ones that are not so hit get sold out too. This is how it all works! They should stop fooling the audience and honestly you can prevent this if you resist the temptation of pressing this pre-book tab on your screens.

From a designer’s perspective pre-booking must be important so that they can arrange the quantity accordingly and that can easily be done by displaying the dresses in their own or retailer outlets. They can keep the dresses there for 2 to 3 days, take pre-bookings either on the spot or online and then take a few days to manage their inventory and then deliver to their customers. All of it can be made easy but here in Pakistan people don’t focus on customer service at all. They try to build their brand image by creating fake hype which can lead to earning them a bad name like Zara Shahjahan did this time!  It majorly backfired. For details click here!

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